Since 1998

Nixon is the Lifestyle Premium Lifestyle producer brand for independent, creative and thinkers free of all over the world. In Encinitas, California, co -founders Chad Dinenna and Andy Lats began to produce a line of boutiques watches sold exclusively for fashion retailers and table sports items. Subsequently, this line evolved becoming a complete range of watches, bags, accessories and leather items. We are present in over 90 countries and we have created a global community characterized by free people who choose our products for their adventures.


Iconic products

During the history of Nixon, some models have become real icons. The luxury luxury of The Player, the irresistible minimalism of Time Seller, the high performances of the robust regulus, created in collaboration with the agents of the United States special forces, the classic design of Sentry and the unmistakable style of 51-30: all These models have distinguished themselves and established the style standards of an entire era. Not to mention the innovative models, such as the fun Dork and Dork Too equipped with voices, and the distinctive Newton design experiment, which have passed any expectation for their form and their features.