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In 2009 from an idea by Alessandro Spina and Antonella Bartoletti was bornLaneusLaneus is a brandprestigiousof luxury that creates knitwear in the most precious yarns. For the AI ​​season the boutique Pier Clothingof Vilato offers warm and enveloping clothing to fight the cold season with lightness and graceEclectic design, relief textures and geometric motifsallow aLaneusto play with the style of both men and women who love to stand out every day. A fashion designed for arefined daywearbut also for the evening when aGlamor allureIt is a must. Cardigan, sweaters and turtlenecks of the Laneus maison are the must for each wardrobe: aMade in Italywhich through the soft cashmere has garments with an increasingly elaborate soul. A collection dedicated to men's and women's clothing to be combined in the daily routine with a simple jeans or with a casual and comfy trousers.