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Article: Arte Antwerp ⚫️

Arte Antwerp ⚫️

Arte Antwerp ⚫️

Born in 2009 as a collection of experimental T-shirts that combined different art forms in clothing, today Arte Antwerp has grown to become a successful, relevant and solid creative laboratory on the European scene.
The Belgian brand, founded by Bertony Da Silva, draws its sources of inspiration from the background strongly rooted in graphics and in the exploration of different artistic forms of the latter.
Hypnotic motifs, organic shapes and geometries: Arte Antwerp proposes its own stylistic language for Spring / Summer 2022. 
From modern art to optical art, the graphic collection draws inspiration from numerous artistic movements, contrasting organic shapes with more futuristic design cues, for an unmistakable and versatile ready-to-wear collection.
A collection that finds its dimension in the balance between total-look with fresher and more relaxed cuts and garments influenced by more impactful graphics and geometric patterns.
Among the selection available in the Boutique, we find the unmissable Jo total look in cotton blend, the Karl Mio and Karl Trip vests in cotton, and the Overshirt Porter and Julio in cotton, arriving at the white psychedelic "Soto Trip" shorts to match the line of geometric themed t-shirt.
Discover all the arrivals of Arte for spring / summer 2022 only on and in boutiques.

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