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Article: The rise and return of the freighter

L’ascesa e il ritorno del cargo

The rise and return of the freighter

Have you ever wondered how cargo pants became the garment we know today? To answer you we need to take a double dip in the past, both at the origin of its creation, and in the aesthetic current of the 90-2000s.
Born at the end of the 1930s with the aim of providing the English army with a practical uniform and with an extra pocket as accommodation for equipment, the cargo was soon adopted also by the American army, which in this case guaranteed a double pocket (and therefore a double accommodation) for their paratroopers.With the return of the veterans from the war, it was a short time before the cargo replaced the classic trousers of the time for those functional uses that required simply 2 more pockets and one worn More comfortable. But when did cargo make its way into fashion?
In the 90s the turning point came with 2 subcultures already linked together: Hip Hop and Skate. With the inclusion of this garment by the artists (2Pac to name one) during their lives, performances and videos, the freighters were soon immortalized in iconic shots, in very important television appearances and consolidated in the wishes of the fans.
On the other hand, the skaters who initially took advantage of the comfort of this garment, began to combine it with the iconic Vans, whose timelessness is known to almost everyone.
From this moment the cargo, whose fit became more and more loose, entered the sphere of hip hop and RnB at 360 °, carving out the spot that we all recognize in streetwear.
The various personalities of the world of high fashion (Gigi & Bella Hadid, Kanye West, Hailey Bieber ...) immortalized today to show off cargo both on the catwalks and in everyday life, have given this garment a spot of excellence in the imaginary of the nostalgic Y2K, and is one of the reasons why cargo, day after day, is carving out more and more space in our closets.
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