Focus On: ALPHA INDUSTRIES MA-1 Flight Jacket

When we talk about bomber jackets (or more correctly, Flight Jacket), the first image we refer to is certainly the iconic model that has been the star of our outfits for more than 50 years. 

We're talking about Alpha Industries' MA-1 Flight Jacket; iconic piece that preserves its soul and identity through the various colors, interpretations and cultural currents that have made this garment an icon for the most different generations. 

Born in the 1950s for military use, Alpha Industries designs this garment which immediately becomes the reference point for aviation jet pilots.
The overall design is sleek and not bulky, and avoids tangling important cockpit equipment like the oxygen mask and headphones. The nylon shell is lightweight but comfortable in sub-zero temperatures. The orange interior is a distinctive but above all functional feature: it is reversible to allow pilots to be more visible and easily identifiable by rescuers in emergency situations.

In the 80s the MA-1 was adopted by Hollywood and arrived on the big screen: Harrison Ford in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" wears a clear reference to the Alpha Industries product, up to the enormous success of Top in 1986. Gun, in which a very young Tom Cruise helps to definitively insert this garment into the trends.

Today the MA-1 boasts infinite reproductions from brands of all bands: from those who take inspiration closer and closer to the original, to inspire high fashion brands that seek a source of inspiration from military design.

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