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Article: New Brand In: BOILING MEAT



Carne Bollente, new entry in the Camden Rimini selection. Independent brand founded in 2015 and based in Paris, which already boasts a global positioning.

Customs clearance and acceptance of sex, inclusiveness and body positivity are the 3 cornerstones on which BUBBLE MEAT sets its mission: to try to establish a positive change towards cultural conventions and perception of sexuality as well as gender identity.

With a sustainable production based almost exclusively in Portugal, from 2021 Carne Bollente devolves 1% of every single online sale to the fight against HIV, just as it is committed to organizing CHARITY EVENTS for the same cause.

The AW 2022 collection is a tribute and a research of the sexpositive movement in the different generations. The collection is conceived on the exploration of sex-positive themes, on the use of subliminal images, shapes and designs that express sensuality and sexuality, as well as illustrations, graphics, claims and images with explicit references to (still today ) stigmatized sexual sphere.

The use of illustrated graphics of bodies, nature, floral shapes, as well as animals are the masters in the work proposed this season, characterizing and becoming the protagonists of the garments and accessories that become the vehicle of the brand's mission.


Discover all the items BOILING MEAT selected by Camden for the AW 22/23, available in store and online.

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