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A.KJÆRBEDE is a sunglasses brand that combines quality, design and affordability. Each collection is designed in Copenhagen and has roots in Scandinavian culture and minimalism. The designs are inspired by different aspects of life that leave a mark, encompassing impressions from photography, architecture, art, design and people.

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Sunglasses Taste BlackSunglasses Taste Black
Gust Demi Tortoise SunglassesGust Demi Tortoise Sunglasses
Gust Dark Green Transparent SunglassesGust Dark Green Transparent Sunglasses
Sunglasses Bror HavanaSunglasses Bror Havana
Bror Glaucus Grey SunglassesBror Glaucus Grey Sunglasses
Bror Smoke Transparent SunglassesBror Smoke Transparent Sunglasses
Bror Sunglasses Black / YellowBror Sunglasses Black / Yellow
Bror Coquina SunglassesBror Coquina Sunglasses
Bror Dark Green Transparent SunglassesBror Dark Green Transparent Sunglasses
Sunglasses Bror Brown/Demi Light Brown TransparentSunglasses Bror Brown/Demi Light Brown Transparent
Hunger Sunglasses Yellow TransparentHunger Sunglasses Yellow Transparent
Hunger Sunglasses BlackHunger Sunglasses Black
Sunglasses Bror Demi TortoiseSunglasses Bror Demi Tortoise
Bror Sunglasses BlackBror Sunglasses Black
Gust Cream Bone SunglassesGust Cream Bone Sunglasses
Gust Smoke Transparent SunglassesGust Smoke Transparent Sunglasses
Sunglasses Taste Black / BlueSunglasses Taste Black / Blue
Gust Matte Grey / Semi Mirror SunglassesGust Matte Grey / Semi Mirror Sunglasses
Fame Havana Sunglasses
Sunglasses Fame Burgundy Transparent
Bror Transparent Purple Sunglasses
Sunglasses Bate Smoke Transparent
Sunglasses Bate Transparent Brown
Black Bate Sunglasses