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From contemporary catwalk-inspired looks to the craft of shoemaking, perfected over time, one name says it all: Clarks. As number one in the world in the creation of "everyday footwear", they design, innovate and produce over 50 million shoes every year.

As now. As always. The icons remain true to their craft, their heritage and inspirations. Their distinctive silhouettes set them apart. So too do details and construction techniques that combine craftsmanship and innovation in equal measure.

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Torhill Lo Bianca SneakersTorhill Lo Bianca Sneakers
Torhill Lo Blu SneakersTorhill Lo Blu Sneakers
Torhill Lo Blu Sneakers Sale price€139.00
Wallabee Tor Suede Off-white SneakersWallabee Tor Suede Off-white Sneakers
Wallabee Tor Suede Midtan SneakersWallabee Tor Suede Midtan Sneakers
Nature 360 Olive SneakersNature 360 Olive Sneakers
Nature 360 Olive Sneakers Sale price€159.00
Nature 360 White SneakersNature 360 White Sneakers
Nature 360 White Sneakers Sale price€159.00
Courtlite Run Sneakers WhiteCourtlite Run Sneakers White
Wallabee Sneakers Black SuedeWallabee Sneakers Black Suede